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Answers to your questions:

Can I purchase just a few bulbs from you for my garden?

Sorry, no. We sell wholesale only, with purchasing minimums of 25 bulbs per variety, $150.00 minimum per order. To purchase our Oregon Grown flower bulbs at retail, please visit our LINKS page where you will find links to retailers who carry our product.

Can I buy wholesale if I don't have a resale license?

We sell only to legitimate business entities. You must provide your resale or business license number when requesting a purchase account with us.

Do you ship your cut flowers anywhere in the U.S.?

Yes, we will ship to any location in the United States.

We also have local weekly truck route deliveries running from Salem to Portland-Metro area here in Oregon.

Do you sell your cutflowers to wholesalers only, or can anyone buy them?

Our cut flower sales are to Retail Florists and other Retail floral outlets only.

Can I pay by check instead of credit card?

We will accept checks by mail for our established customer accounts.

If you prefer to pay by check and are a new customer, please allow 7 to 10 business days for your check to clear before we will ship product. Also, you must contact us for your shipping charges prior to sending your check. For more information, call or email us.

Do you import lily bulbs from Holland?

Yes we do import bulbs from Holland. If you have any special request, please inquire.

How deep should you plant Lilies?

Lilies should be planted at a depth equal to two times the circumference, or size, of the bulb. I.E: If the bulb is 4 inches wide, you should plant it 8" deep in the soil. This gives the lily good stability and the chance to grown a healthy, strong stalk to support the flowers when in bloom.

Do you carry shade plants?

Yes! We have Toad lilies, Japanese Meadow Sweet, and a huge selection of Hostas. These all thrive in the shade. The Toad lily starts in August and blooms until the first heavy frost. Look for this symbol  to see which plants do well in the shade or partial shade.

Do you supply for weddings?

Yes, we do. Please place all wedding orders AT LEAST two weeks in advance.

What is the difference between Asiatic and Oriental Lilies?

Asiatic lilies bloom in June and have a smaller flower with lots of fun colors like orange, red, white, yellow, two tones and many more. They also do not have a fragrance.

An Oriental has big flowers and lots of fragrance and are only available in pink and white tones.

Can anything get the pollen stain off my clothes from the lily stamens?

First of all, DON'T RUB OR BRUSH the stain! Get a chenille stem(pipe cleaner), bend it into a loop, and GENTLY brush over the lily pollen. This will help to lift the pollen off of your clothing before the stain can set in. Continue to bend the chenille stem to fresh spots and keep working over the stain until you get the pollen out.

Unfortunately, once the stain is "set" into the clothing, there's not much you can use to get it out!

What are box charges?

Box charges are the cost of the special boxes used to ship your bulbs/cut flowers to you.

How should I plant and care for Asiatic Lilies?

Colorful Asiatic Hybrid Lilies flower in June and July. They reproduce very freely from year after year if planted in a spot with good sunlight, well-draining soil and if they are allowed to flower and die back naturally. They should be fertilized regularly. In addition to colorful garden displays, Asiatic Lilies also make excellent cut flowers so be sure to plant some in your cutting garden as well! Top size bulbs: 16+ cm. Height: 3' to 4' (except for the Pixie varieties which are 18" to 24"). Bloom time: June/July. Plant 7" deep and 12" apart (for Pixies, plant 6" deep and 8" to 10" apart). Horticultural zones 4-8.

What about Trumpet Lilies?

The Regale Lily was introduced from China in the early 20th century, which gave rise to the popular Chinese Trumpet Lily, or Aurelian Hybrid Lilies.The main colors are orange, yellow, white and pink.  Plant in a wind protected area.Most will need to be staked due to their extreme height and huge flowers. Perfect as a cut flower. Bloom time: July/Augus. Plant 6" deep and 12" apart. Horticultural zones 4-8.

How should I plant Oriental Lilies?

Oriental Lilies are a cross between the Korean speciosum lily and the Japanese auratum lily. Very frangrant and gorgeous in both perennial gardens and as a cut flower.  Bulb sizes are 16/+. Bloom time: July/August. Plant 8" deep and 10" apart. Horticultural zones 5-8.

What is an LA Hybrid Lily?

This special lily, the  Longiflorum-Asiatic ("LA") Hybrid Lily, has thick, waxy flowers  and are larger and more abundant than those of the Asiatic Hybrid Lilies. They exude a slight, subtle fragrance of raspberries and roses, reminiscent of their Easter Lily parentage. Intermediate height, perfect for perennial beds or as a cut flower. Height: 2' to 3 1/2'. Bloom time: June/July. Plant 6" deep and 12" apart. Horticultural zones 4-8.

Where/how should I plant Pot/Border Lilies?

Pot/Border lilies are genetically short lilies, with heights of about 18"-24" tall. Available in both Asiatic an Oriental lilies, these are very well suited for containers or landsacapes.

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